RL 70 LE - Brighter and with More Energy-Savings

Tube Luminaire RL 70 LE
Tube Luminaire RL 70 LE

The newly designed RL 70 LE tube machine tool luminaire has an ingenious design and rigorous structure. The luminaire can shine through the whole body, maximizing its light output. The LED light source provides more energy-savings and efficiency than traditional fluorescent tubes, and can provide large-scale of uniform illumination for the machine tool. RL 70 LE has an advanced protection level system, with super resistance to various extreme working environments, such as under high temperatures, after oil contamination, after strikes from iron dust, etc.

  • Various optional lengths (370 mm – 1210 mm)

  • Almost the entire luminaire body can output light, and the light is strong with a large illumination range

  • The dazzle can be restrained through the diffusion barrier

  • It can connect directly to the 24 V power source without the need for other parts

  • Available for poor application conditions

  • A high protection level system

  • Tolerates various coolants and lubricants

  • The working life of the LED can even exceed 50,000 hours without any maintenance

Overview of variants
  • 24, 36, 48, 96 × high power LED

  • Colour temperature: natural white

  • The luminaire body employs borosilicate glass, and the side cover employs glass fibre-reinforced polyamide resin

  • No switch

  • IP 67 protection level system, meets EN 60598-1 standards; anti-electric shock protection level is III

  • Fittings include various kinds of supports