Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA

Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA

With the ZERA wall-mounted luminaire, the Derungs development team has brought a new generation of wall lights to life. Equipped with high-output LEDs, packed in an aluminum body and easily installed with wall rails, it provides new freedom for lighting designers, electrical installers and architects. Problematic spaces that are narrow, low or lack windows are not only optimally illuminated by the high portion of indirect light, but also appear larger and more inviting. The narrow silhouette almost disappears into the space. Which would be a pity because the focus is more on the light performance and less on the design.


  • ZERA Wall is suitable for hallways and stairways

  • Slim appearance: luminaire body only 20 mm high

  • Lower installation cost thanks to a smaller number of luminaires

  • Economical thanks to high energy efficiency

  • Quick to install and maintenance-free

  • Can be integrated with a DALI light management system

  • ZERA wall-mounted luminaires come with optional VTL

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